Doo want confit r Machion sc Reen


Can you be any machine design? (Are you doing it?)
Mainly assembling machines in the automotive industry, processing jig, washing machine, has a proven track record, such as transport equipment, but we will respond in a range that can be if there is a demand.
Do you use any CAD?
We are using AutoCAD Mechanical 2015(2D)Autodesk Inventor 2015(3D)、ICAD/SX V7L3(2D&3D)
How many designers?
Eight-car, it is a total of 15 people of cooperation company seven.
Designers of years of experience?
More than 20 years three, more than 10 years to 5 people, is less than 10 years and seven people.
the price is?
Degree of difficulty, delivery date, amount of work, it depends greatly on the CAD to be used.
This is the range of time unit price 2,800 yen to 7,000 yen due to our provisions.
Correspondence is possible or in foreign countries?
The correspondence is possible (and necessary consultation by country)
In particular, Thailand can respond flexibly is also cooperating companies.
Is it possible to education and guidance of CAD?
Our company has its own education system. Correspondence will be only in our office.

Questions about adoption


The mechanical design?
Mechanical design that we are doing will be on the design of the main production machines are used in the automotive industry (equipment).
Machinery for processing the engine parts, machinery for assembling the transmission, it is the design of such a machine for welding the car body.
Does it take How many years to become a full-fledged as a designer?
Mechanical design requires a wide range of knowledge and flexible imagination, at least five years I think it is difficult to become a full-fledged and not experience.
We have created an environment that'll become a full-fledged early even a little by its own education system in our company.
The number of employees? The male and female ratio?
The mechanical design?
It is drawings of possible structures and mechanisms for the necessary specifications
President What kind of people?
It looks very friendly and calm and employees, but it does not allow compromise with the work.
President himself stubborn technicians, it is also many customers who have gotten work to rely on its technology.
Engineer of training responsible for the future is we are focused on day-to-day education is considered to be above all important.
Are there any overseas business trip?

The possibilities are high. Also someone every month to go to overseas business trip now.

I think I am going to preferentially business trip so long as those overseas-oriented high. (However you design technology should not to be accompanied, but ...)

Do you go to any place the employee travel?

The last time I went to tour in Thailand.
We are planning domestic travel and the foreign travel alternately in the future.

Whether overtime is often?

When it is busy, but about 20 hours is also possible to work overtime more.
However, it does not evaluate the overtime. Efficiently to the work we are committed to go home early.

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